Korea records

N/A*: Time not in the top 1000 of the region
Worldwide records
Course Time PlayerPad Rank
Luigi Circuit 스파크★♬ 1:09:905 Wiimote Nunchuck God
Moo Moo Meadows 스파크★♬ 1:17:589 Wiimote Nunchuck King A
Mushroom Gorge 일루젼임 0:45:147 Wii Wheel King B
Toad's Factory ςτar.ifz 1:52:599 Wiimote Nunchuck King A
Mario Circuit ★한국프로» 1:03:151 Gamecube Pad God
Coconut Mall SSS★Kanade 0:40:777 Gamecube Pad God
DK's Snowboard Cross / DK Summit ♪Lιmιτlεss 1:50:424 Gamecube Pad Legend A
Wario's Gold Mine チイれgみす 0:32:818 Gamecube Pad God
Daisy Circuit ~fiarre★ 1:30:969 Gamecube Pad Legend A
Koopa Cape 스파크★♬ 2:23:523 Wiimote Nunchuck King B
Maple Treeway 스파크★♬ 2:05:012 Wiimote Nunchuck God
Grumble Volcano ★한국프로» 0:22:860 Gamecube Pad King C
Dry Dry Ruins no name 1:51:576 Wii Wheel Legend C
Moonview Highway 스파크★♬ 1:45:706 Wiimote Nunchuck King B
Bowser's Castle ★한국프로» 2:16:349 Gamecube Pad King C
Rainbow Road ξχ☆ςhiπ 2:32:613 Gamecube Pad King C
GCN Peach Beach ★한국프로» 1:08:943 Gamecube Pad God
DS Yoshi Falls 스파크★♬ 1:00:299 Wiimote Nunchuck King B
SNES Ghost Valley 2 Nam-Kyu 0:54:148 Wiimote Nunchuck King B
N64 Mario Raceway Jøsh 1:43:637 Gamecube Pad Legend D
N64 Sherbet Land 스파크★♬ 2:06:942 Wiimote Nunchuck King B
GBA Shy Guy Beach 스파크★♬ 1:23:774 Wiimote Nunchuck Legend D
DS Delfino Square 스파크★♬ 2:07:189 Wiimote Nunchuck King B
GCN Waluigi Stadium Nam-Kyu 1:55:370 Wiimote Nunchuck King D
DS Desert Hills 스파크★♬ 1:37:424 Wiimote Nunchuck King B
GBA Bowser Castle 3 Kabuto 2:06:015 Gamecube Pad Hero A
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway 스파크★♬ 2:15:711 Wiimote Nunchuck King B
GCN Mario Circuit ξχ☆ςhiπ 1:33:100 Gamecube Pad King B
SNES Mario Circuit 3 스파크★♬ 1:19:558 Wiimote Nunchuck King A
DS Peach Gardens 스파크★♬ 2:01:593 Wiimote Nunchuck Legend D
GCN DK Mountain ξχ☆ςhiπ 2:09:193 Gamecube Pad King A
N64 Bowser's Castle ξχ☆ςhiπ 2:34:755 Gamecube Pad King B
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